Healthcare Consultants


PhD. , MD (PRC)

Group Chief Executive Officer, ALPS Group

Dr. THAM is an established member of the Malaysian Society for Stem Cell Research & Theraphy (MSCRT) and the Malaysia Association for Cell Therapy (MACT) in Malaysia. He is a veteran in the field of life sciences, with a genuine passion for the field of Cellular Therapy. Dr. THAM earned his Bachelor of Medicine from Xiamen University, Doctor of Medicine (MD) Integrated Chinese Medicine & Western Clinical Medicine (Oncology) from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (GUCM) and Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Biomedical Engineering. Presently he has the privilege of treating and consulting international members of royalty, celebrities, and members of the elite. A well sought-after Educator on Best Practices, he also dedicates his time between clinical physicians and members of the public.

He is involved in ongoing extensive research on anti-aging cellular therapy since 2006. He works very closely with his Swiss and Asian counterparts in advancing the human understanding of cellular therapy and is eager to share his experiences in this field. A well sought-after Educator on Best Practices, he also dedicates his time between clinical physicians and members of the public.

He also actively participates in cancer research. One of his important scientific breakthroughs is the discovery of penetrating tyrosinase inhibitor to reduce the production of melanin for skin beauty and whitening. He also described in his recent publication on the successful construction of retroviral transfection system that could be developed as a means of gene therapy for hepatic carcinoma.

Dr. Tham as Group Chief Executive Officer and Group Chief Research Scientist will be the main personality leading and driving the ALPS Group to greater heights towards recognition as a global biotechnology company serving humanity.


PhD. , MD (PRC)


Prof M. Ravichandran obtained his M.Sc. Medical Microbiology from Christian Medical College, Vellore, India, and gained his PhD in Biotechnology from Anna University, Chennai, India. His research interests are Human lymphatic filariasis, genetically engineered cholera vaccine and formulation, Covid-19 vaccine and drug development, molecular diagnostics and phage therapy. He has 80 publications in international journals with 2027 citations and an h-index of 25. He has supervised 55 MSc/PhD students and examined 65 postgraduate students locally and internationally. He has filed 14 patents. On product development, he successfully technology transferred EZDNA Amp diagnostic technology and commercialised three products on diagnostics. He has written over 21 articles in the press, and he is a New Strait Time (NST) columnist.

Previously Prof Ravi was the former Chief Executive and Vice-Chancellor of AIMST University, Malaysia. He was also the Chairman of Covid-19 Task force at AIMST University. He holds director positions at Vax Biotech Sdn Bhd, Malaysia, which is a spin-off company of his cholera vaccine patent. He has been awarded 50 national and international awards for academic and research excellence, including Ideas Inventions New Products – (IENA), Nuremberg Germany; International Exhibition of Inventions: New Technologies and Products, Geneva and National Innovation Award, Malaysia. He was an associate member and the Committee member on ‘TOP RESEARCH SCIENTISTS MALAYSIA’ (TRSM) of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM).